America Is The Enemy

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Hizb ut-Tahrir - Leaflets

In this Hizb leaflet America is called the enemy. If so, why does America continue to allow this organization which has declared war on us to continue to freely operate within our borders?


The despicable submission of the rulers before the open American aggression

Today we face a very grave event, where America has brought her armies to Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf States. She uses against the Muslims the assistance of the rulers of Kuwait, the rest of the Gulf, indeed all the rulers of the Muslim world. She has declared her task to be attacking Iraq. The pretext she gave for this is that Iraq is a threat to the region, her neighbours and to American interests due to her possession of weapons of mass destruction. She actually concealed the true aims of this action. Before discussing these aims, we must clarify the general extent of the West’s animosity and more specifically that of America, towards Islam and the Islamic civilisation.

The West, with America at its head, is an enemy to Islam and the Muslims. It works to destroy the Islamic civilisation and prevent its return. The former secretary general of NATO Willie Claes stated; “The Alliance has placed Islam as a target for its hostility in place of the Soviet Union.” Eugene Rostow, who from 1966-1969 was undersecretary of state for political affairs in President Johnson’s administration, stated “America must stand in the ranks that are hostile to Islam and on the side of the Western world and Israel, because if she acts contrary to that then she has disowned her language, culture and institutions. The objective of the Western world in the Middle East is the destruction of the Islamic civilisation. The establishment of Israel is a part of that plan. This is nothing but a continuation of the crusades.”

In this clash of civilisations, America used to proceed quietly and secretly, so as not to incite the resentment of the Muslims. However, following September 11th, she realised that after all the efforts and money she has expended through these decades, she has failed to realise her aim of getting the Muslims to abandon their civilisation. On the contrary, the Ummah is even more convinced that she has a distinct civilisation and she seeks to live life on this basis, in the entity of the Righteous Khilafah. Hence, America launched her crusade when George Bush junior announced “This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a long time.”

A report (Dated 20/9/2002) presented by Bush to the American Congress, entitled the American national security strategy, stated the following “We will never forget that in our war against terror we are fighting in the end for our democratic ideals and way of life. The war has started between freedom and fear. There will be no quick and easy end to this war. Through our leadership of the campaign against terror we will be forming new and productive international relations and we will be redefining the existing relationships by means of which we will be able to face the challenges of the 21st century.”

So in America’s view, this war is primarily a war of civilisations, but she requires the reshaping of the Middle East so as to achieve the objectives she has set for it. The reality of a military strike against Iraq is that it is one link in a long chain of American crusader attacks against Iraq, designed to mould the situation in the region in accordance with the aims of her crusade. American deputy secretary of defence Paul Wolfowitz said in a press conference in Singapore “It’s true that our war against terrorism is a war against evil people, but it is also ultimately a battle for ideals as well as a battle of minds.” He also said the following in a speech he gave on 4/5/2002 “There is a dangerous gap between the West and the Muslim world. We must bridge this gap, and we must begin now, for the gap is wide and there is no time for delay.”

This contradicts America’s public statement of the aim as being one of ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. So the primary aim of the campaign against Iraq is to fight Islam and the Muslims as a civilisation and an Ummah, which is a crusader war.

As for the second aim; it is for oil. This is an issue that is linked to a long-term strategy of extending American influence over oil, which dates back to the seventies. America has made much headway in her pursuit of this goal. She wishes to control the following three capitals; Riyadh, Tehran and Baghdad, which will help her to achieve this aim. Of these three capitals, the only one remaining is Baghdad and the subsequent control of the oil of Iraq. Amid the talk of weapons of mass destruction, inspection teams and preparations for war, secret negotiations are taking place between the Iraqi opposition and American oil companies, regarding the Iraqi oil reserves. The (British) Guardian newspaper on 3/11/2002 reported “that the leader of the London-based Iraqi National Congress (INC), Ahmed Chalabi, had met executives of three American oil multinationals to negotiate the carve-up of Iraq’s massive oil reserves following Saddam’s removal.”

Ahmad Chalabi also gave a statement to the Washington Post in which he mentioned “The American companies will have a large stake in Iraqi oil.” American Secretary of State Colin Powell announced in an interview with American newspapers on 21/1/2003 that “The Bush administration is studying different models for managing the Iraqi oil industry if the United States invades.” On 13/9/2002 American Senator Jim McDermott criticised the American administration “American officials in the White House are eager to deny that their motive behind going to war is oil… whenever anyone tries to link oil with the war they resort to fabrication to distance such a link.” Thus the second aim of the military campaign, which America is trying to hide from the Muslims, is the oil of Iraq.

As for the third aim, it is to impose American political hegemony over Iraq and consequently redraw the map of the region in a manner that serves her interests, achieves her aims and gives her complete control over the Gulf. These are the aims of the American military action against Iraq, so what is the correct stance towards this action and how shall we stop it? The stance of the true believer must be based on the Islamic ‘Aqeedah, i.e. it must be taken from the revelation; the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Sharee’ah has clarified the rule regarding this issue. Allah (swt) has obliged the believer to fight anyone who commits aggression against him whoever he might be:

“Then whoever transgresses against you, you transgress likewise against him. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is with the Muttaqoon (Pious)” [TMQ Al-Baqarah: 194].

“And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight against you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors” [TMQ Al-Baqarah: 190].

As for assisting the kaafir to fight against Muslims, this is Haraam and a grave Munkar. He (swt) said;

“Help one another in al-Birr and Taqwah; but do not help one another in sin and transgression” [TMQ Al-Maa’idah: 2].

What transgression could be greater than that of helping the kaafir to fight Islam and the Muslims? What greater crime is there than to deliberately kill a believer? He (swt) said;

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him” [An-Nisaa:93].

The one who participates in the murder he will have the same ruling as the killer. Allah has also highlighted the sanctity of a Muslim to another.

He said;

“Everything regarding the Muslim is sacred to another Muslim, in terms of his blood, property and honour.” [Reported by Muslim]

Allah (swt) has forbidden the oppression and humiliation of the Muslim. He said;

“The Muslim is a brother of another Muslim; he does not wrong him, fail him nor humiliate him.” [Reported by Bukhari and Muslim]

As for granting power over the public resources of the Muslims to kufr, this is also prohibited by the Sharee’ah. This is because oil and other such resources of the Muslims are their property. It is not allowed to give permission to any single person from them to own it, so by greater reason the kaafir cannot loot and plunder it. Thus, it is not allowed to help the kaafir in his plunder of such resources.

He (swt) said;

“And never will Allah grant to the disbelievers a way over the believers” [TMQ An-Nisaa: 141].

It is Haraam for a Muslim to let himself be used by the kaafir to control the resources of the Ummah. This is because it is a means to a Haraam, and (according to the Shar’i principle) the means to a Haraam is itself Haraam.

As regards blocking the crusader military action, there are many actions that must be undertaken to avert it. Permission must not be granted to American forces to use seaports, airports or bases in the Gulf and around Iraq. Political agreements with America and Britain must also be abolished and their embassies closed. All economic relations with America and Britain must be cut as well, so we should not have imports or exports to them. The sale of oil should be stopped to the world, until it adopts a stance that has an impact on the military action against Iraq. However these steps cannot be taken, because they must come from the one in a position of ruling. All these actions require a political decision by the rulers of the Muslims. However, the rulers are agents of kufr; America and other kaafir nations, so any action linked to these rulers is doomed to failure.

The role drawn up for these rulers is to empower the kaafir over the Muslims, not to liberate the Ummah from the kaafir’s dominance. Hence, no good can be expected from them. The most recent example of this is the meeting of the six nations in Istanbul, where they did not have the courage to stand up to America or the Jewish state with even a single word. Rather their demands focused on Iraq, as if she was the one who was committing aggression against America, whilst America is the one who has brought her army across the seas to commit aggression against Iraq and to control the region and its resources. Thus, the correct solution, that Islam has obliged, is to change those rulers who are submissive agents to America and traitors to their Deen and Ummah; and to establish the Righteous Khilafah state and give the Bay’ah (pledge of allegiance) to a Khaleefah who will rule the Muslims with Islam and lead them in the fight against their enemy. He saws said;

“Verily, the Imaam is a shield behind which the Muslims fight and seek protection.”

He will oppose America and her allies, uproot the Jewish state and carry Islam as a Message of Guidance and Goodness to the world.

This is the realistic and practical method by which we will save ourselves from our shameful and humiliating situation. It is the practical method of stopping all of the actions undertaken against our Ummah by America. America is a great power; the gang of agent rulers cannot achieve anything for the Ummah through their servitude to America. On the contrary, America will achieve successes, one after the other, as long as our rulers are agents of kufr. The liberation will come when the sincere ones from the Ummah come forward to remove these rulers, announce the establishment of the Khilafah and rule the people by the Kitab and Sunnah.

He (swt) said;

“If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah (Alone) let the believers put their trust” [TMQ Aali ‘Imraan: 160].

26 Dhul Qa’dah 1423 AH
Hizb ut-Tahrir
29 January 2003
Wilayah of Kuwait


  1. Bo Perrin,
    Now you talking so that I understand where you coming from. Haven’t read the whole leaflet yet, but keep them coming, so I’ll just add a general comment: while the arabs are dancing in their (unpaved) streets, we infidels are loading our bombers. Begging forgiveness of Napoleon, but allah is on the side of the heavy artillery. In this day and age, that’s American bombers, AND Predator missiles.

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