America Is The Danger

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Hizb ut-Tahrir - Leaflets

In this leaflet Hizb argues that America’s unipolar position is a threat to the world and of course more precisely a threat to the Ummah. Of the Khalifah and not Al-Qaeda is the only entity which can save the world from us!


America’s domination of the international situation is a danger to the world and only the Khilafah can save it

By dominating the international situation, America was able to make its aggression and occupation of Iraq legal, according to international law. The world has now fallen to the level where power and the law of the jungle reign. She led the Security Council to issue resolution 1483 on 2/5/2003, giving legitimacy and international legality to the American and British occupation of Iraq. We find the following at the head of the text of that resolution, “The security council … recognising the specific authorities, responsibilities, and obligations under applicable international law of these states as occupying powers”. The resolution also mentions that the occupying authorities will administer the economy and assets of Iraq, “the funds in the Development Fund for Iraq shall be disbursed at the direction of the Authority”, as the occupying powers are termed by the resolution.

America prepared the scene for aggression against Iraq by inciting the issue of weapons of mass destruction. When the inspectors found nothing, they used false reports and deceptive pictures. By these and other actions, they tried to issue a resolution to cover their aggression. But they were not able to do this, because France, Germany and Russia continued to create problems, fearing that they would lose the contracts and economic agreements they had made with Iraq. They also feared that America would take the resources and influence to the exclusion of others.

When the war situation cooled down, the American plan was presented to the Security Council, in collaboration with Britain and Spain. With threats and promises, the Americans were able to make the states, who had previously made a lot of hue and cry by saying the American aggression violated international law, agree to resolution 1483. They justified this sometimes through claims of being realistic, as mentioned by the German Chancellor; sometimes through claims of wanting to help Iraq, as mentioned by the French minister and thirdly, in response to self-interest, as mentioned by the Russian minister. Even though the Russian representative was outside the Security Council and so Russia had an excuse to remain silent, she swiftly came out and announced her acceptance of the resolution after the council had come to a close, so as not to anger America.

The one who pursues the political events in the world, especially in the Muslim world, will find that the United States dominates the international situation and directs it in the way she wants. By examining what is happening, especially in the Muslim world, the following points become clear:

  1. America formed the United Nations after the Second World War and exploited it to pass resolutions covering her colonial ambitions and to devise actions for her conspiracies, which would be permitted by international law. When she was unable to pass a resolution to cover her aggression on Iraq, she discarded international law and violated it openly.
  2. America has been seduced by the illusion of power. She gives no credence to anything other than her interests, however much harm she causes to others. She rejects any international agreement, whatever it is, if it does not put her above everyone else. That is why she has refused to sign up to the international court for war crimes, fearing that this may be extended to her soldiers. She went against international trade law and imposed (higher) tariffs on imports from Europe, so that they cannot compete with her products in her markets. She opposed the Kyoto Accord on the environment because it restricts her factories and their gas emissions. Recently, she punished France and Germany by planning to foil the European partnership law with countries of the Middle East region (which includes 8 Arab countries), via the Bush plan, which he announced on 9th May 2003 by establishing a region for “free trade between the United States and the Middle East”. This will compete with the European partnership law in the region, especially when we know the competition will actually be political, but using economic means.
  3. The United States, encouraged by the unexpected ease in occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, has begun talking openly about reshaping the Muslim world according to her criteria and design. She has begun to draw up plans to break up the Muslims lands along federal or decentralist forms, which will shake and weaken the unity of the state. What is taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq attests to this. Also talk by politicians in the Arabian peninsula is paving the way for this, under the pretext of preserving security, fighting terrorism, women’s rights and extremist (thoughts) stemming from the education curriculum.
  4. The rulers in the Islamic lands have placed the affairs of the Ummah under the control of America and put 99% of the solutions in her hands. America is keeping them busy with plans that, to the highest order, serve the interests of the enemy. Starting from Palestine, there are the plans of Tenet, Mitchell and now the ‘Road Map’, as well as handing over the other occupied regions of 1967. Then there is Cyprus and the Annan plan, South Sudan and the Machakos Protocol, then Kashmir and the United Nations resolutions. It has come to the point that America is even studying the issues related to Chechnya with Russia. After all of this there is Central Asia, the Caucasus and then, after that the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf.
  5. The other states are too weak to stand in the way of America and remove her from the international scene and free the world from her evils. This is due to the following reasons:
    1. The other effective states like France, Germany and Russia carry the same capitalist ideology as America. Even though it is an individualistic ideology, based on acquiring self-benefit, this ideology however acknowledges pragmatism and the compromise solution alongside the use of force. That is why after America committed her aggression against Iraq and finished what she had set out to do; these states began to see this pragmatically. So by taking account of the reality, they started to draw closer to America looking for results, after they had been screaming that the American aggression against Iraq was against international law.

      That is why it is not expected that the clash between these states and America would escalate to breaking bones.

    2. China, which carries a different ideology, is heavily influenced by the domestic mentality rather than an international mentality. That is why the number one concern for them is the safety of her structure and not the evils of America across the world. It is not expected that they will act to remove America from the international stage, unless they merge their ideology with a concern for international affairs and international politics. There is nothing to indicate this in the foreseeable future.
    3. America fears the European Union becoming one body, but she has been able to thwart this in three ways:

      First: expanding the EU to include states in Eastern Europe. These states are the product of America and they are her spearhead in inserting American influence in the EU. This was visible when these states supported the American vision in her aggression against Iraq, which led Rumsfeld to ridicule Europe by speaking of “old Europe” and “new Europe”. Chirac fumed with anger, due to the actions of these states and hinted that if they stand with America, he would create obstacles for them in their final acceptance into the EU. Despite this, he accepted that they join the recent EU meeting and France was not able to stop that.

      Second: continuation of NATO, despite the dissolution of the Warsaw pact. After maintaining its continuity, NATO’s strategy was expanded to include intervening in security problems within Europe, though it was originally established just for external defence. When Europe sensed the danger of NATO, due to America being its effective leader, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg called for the setting up of a European special force. The United States opposed the plan and is still creating difficulties, before it has even seen the light of day.

      Third: the position of Britain, with her customary astuteness. She does not want the European Union to be a single force, which will consume Britain and turn her into a state like Luxemburg. She still carries within her depths the imperialist grandeur of colonies where the sun never sets. That is why we see her creating obstacles for the formation of the EU and only entering it when she absolutely must, in order to weaken it. She still continues to remain outside of the single currency (Euro). The imperialist mentality pushes her to seek a role for herself in the international scene in any way she can find. That is why, despite her secret struggle with America, she sides with America according to the requirements of the situation, so as to share in some of the spoils if she finds America has the upper hand. She stands with America in the international scene, while at the same time she tries to incite unrest and difficulties behind a cover, as we saw in the issue of Iraq. She is the one who made America resort to passing a UN resolution in relation to the aggression against Iraq. She knew it was not possible to get a resolution due to the position of France and Germany. This exposed America’s intention to commit aggression, with or without a resolution.

This position of Britain also weakens the power of the EU. Therefore, there is no state currently on the international scene, which can stop America from dominating the international situation

O Muslims!

You are able to do that. The key to that is the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah. The land of the Muslims is a land full of manpower and resources. More importantly, it is the land of the great ideology of Islam, through which the nations will live and be saved from injustice, tyranny and the bullying of America in the 21st century. You are the pivot in this world and your countries are the theatre of competition between the Kaafir colonialist states. This is due to their strategic location and the huge resources that Allah has blessed you with. How is it that the Kuffar know the greatness of your resources and location, compete over them, but you close your eyes to the blessing and power Allah has granted you?

Are you not the ones who undertook the conquests (futuhaat) and made many nations leave their false religions and corrupt nationalisms, to become one Ummah, united and mobilised by Islam?

Are you not the ones who vanquished the Tatars in the prime of their power and saw them embracing Islam in huge numbers, to the extent that their remnants still exist in the northernmost of the Muslim countries, carrying Islam until today?

Are you not the ones who vanquished the crusaders, after they had set up kingdoms and states on your land? But the heavens and earth rejected them; they fell disgraced and humiliated.

The Taaghut of today, America, Britain and their followers, are of the same breed as those bygone people. They were not able to withstand even one battle. They collapsed afterwards and were defeated. Hitteen was the beginning of the end of the crusaders and ‘Ayn Jalut was the beginning of the collapse of the Tatars. This is how they were; one decisive battle was enough to tear down their whole edifice and entity. Who else, other than the Khilafah, will begin this battle? We have witnessed how other states, with ample weaponry and large numbers did not fight, due to the corruption in their Deen and Dunya.

Only the Khilafah can remove America and Britain from the international scene. Only the Khilafah can demolish the American dominance of the international situation, save the world from its evils and spread the khayr (Islam) to all parts of the world.

So work, O Muslims, with the Shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir, who are working to re-establish the Righteous Khilafah, whose return the Messenger of Allah gave glad tidings of in the authentic Hadeeth. Be helpers and supporters for them. This will be in obedience to your (Rabb) Lord and your Prophet and it will return to you your glory and dignity.

And you, O people of power, this is your moment. We call you to honour and dignity, by following the footsteps of the Ansar. So rush to the battlefields of steadfastness and victory;

“You will have the upper hand. Allah is with you, and will never decrease the reward of your good deeds” [Muhammad: 35]

Hizb ut-Tahrir
23 Rabee’ al-Awwal 1424

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