135 Hizb Members Arrested in Tajikistan

Posted: April 26, 2011 in 135 Hizb Members Arrested, HuT - Takijistan, News About Hizb ut-Tahrir

135 members of Hizb ut-Tahrir convicted in Tajikistan last year
Author: Nargis Hamroboyeva

DUSHANBE, January 15, 2011, Asia-Plus — 135 members of the outlawed religious extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir group were sentenced to different jail terms in 2010, Nusratullo Abdulloyev, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan, told reporters on January 14. According to him, Tajik courts last year considered 31 criminal proceedings instituted against 135 members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir party. In 2009, Tajik courts considered 19 criminal proceedings instituted against 37 members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization and all of them were convicted, the Supreme Court chairman noted. It is to be noted that the usual charges against Hizb ut-Tahrir members are inciting religious hatred, seeking to overthrow the constitutional order, and membership in a criminal group. “Besides, 56 Salafi members were punished last year,” said Abdulloyev, “33 of them were fined, while the remaining 23 members of this organization were sentenced to prison terms of 5-6 years.”   Since 2006, 12 organizations have been banned by Tajikistan’s Supreme Court as extremist on the basis of a suit filed by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  The list includes the Islamic Party of Turkestan, Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan, Harakati Tablighot, Jamiyati Tablighot, Al-Qaeda, Sozmoni Tabligh, Tojikistoni Ozod (Free Tajikistan), Taliban, Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan, Lashkar Taiba (one of the largest and most active militant Islamist terrorist-designated organizations in South Asia, operating mainly from Pakistan), Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin (The Society of the Muslim Brothers).
15.01.2011 15:22

Источник: http://www.asiaplus.tj

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