2012 Caliphate Conference

Posted: June 14, 2012 in 2012 Caliphate Conference, HuT - America, News About Hizb ut-Tahrir

Here are some articles about Hizb’s cancelled 2012 Caliphate Conference.

American club refuses to host Hizb ut-Tahrir conference

Calls prompt cancellation of Islam meeting in Rolling Hills

Islamic conference won’t be in Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows hall cancels Islamic conference

Here are the videos from the 2012 Conference


Session 1: Causes, Reasons and Motivations for revolutions.

Session 2: Revolution in Syria

Session 3: Choices and Alternatives – Islamic State, Secular State or Democracy?

Session 4: Islam – A Threat or Mercy

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: PROTEST – Our Prophet, Our Honor

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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 01:35

Chicago, IL – Hundreds of Muslims rally in Chicago downtown in support of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The speakers introduce the non-Muslims to the values and characteristics of this great prophet and invites the non-Muslims to research more about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) before forming any opinions and humbly invites them to study more about Islam and the Quran to learn the truth. Muslim men, women and children took part in this rally coming from all across Chicago and beyond. The signs and banners held by the Muslims showed their immense love and respect for the noble prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him and his followers.

Talk 1:

Dim lights

Talk 2:

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Picture Gallery(Click on any image to start slide show):

  1. kelly kafir says:

    Good Job!!

  2. JerryJ26 says:

    Actually it would be a good idea to allow them to have thier conference here. This way they’ll all be in one place and can be arrested by DHS for sedition and DHS can make use of thier new detention centers.

  3. Actually I think they should be allowed to have their conference without any interference. They are not advocating anything illegal.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Hizb advocates sedition. They advocate setting up a Caliphate in Islamic countries and using offensive jihad against all unbelievers. You truly want to allow them to spread such a message? Not me. I will do everything I can to interfere because the more I can interfere the greater exposure the right message will receive. The greater the right message receives the greater the chance we have of banning this group from America as so many Western nations have already done.

      • Setting up a Caliphate in Islamic countries is a perfectly legitimate aspiration for Muslims. Will you oppose the right of Muslims to live in an Islamic state? Bringing back the Caliphate is the one single goal of HT. Non-Muslims should respect this. Not everyone in the world wants American style democracy imposed on them!

        • Bo Perrin says:

          I am not supporting imposing an American style government. You assume too much. No the Caliphate is not a legitimate aspiration because the restoration of the Caliphate is NOT the “one single goal” of Hizb. You clearly do not understand Hizb if you believe that. Their goal is the restoration of the Caliphate to have the authority to raise an Ummahic army to use offensive jihad against non-believers. That is not a “perfectly legitimate aspiration” because it does the very thing you despise. You don’t want to impose an American style democracy on the Islamic world but you support the restoration of the Caliphate whose purpose, in the end, is to impose itself and Shar’ ia on Western countries. I have no respect for Islam. It is a totalitarian theocracy bent on imposing itself where it is not wanted.

          • You have revealed your true colours my friend when you say: ‘I have no respect for Islam. It is a totalitarian theocracy bent on imposing itself where it is not wanted.’

            The Caliphate is a legitimate aspiration for Muslims because they wish to live under God’s Law not a system of man-made laws that America and her allies is enforcing at the point of a gun around the world.

            • Bo Perrin says:

              You make sound as if I have been hiding something that you alone have discovered. Sorry! You think too highly of yourself. I have NO respect for Islam. I have been studying Islam for two decades in all its forms. I am completing a MA in Political Science focused on Islam and Middle East studies. I have been studying Hizb since 2009. I have read their official publications so I know of what I speak. I have NO respect for any group that:

              Follows a child molester.
              Follows a man who claims Allah sent him to fight (kill) every person until they accept Allah
              Makes women worth half a man.
              Calls on its peoples to “kill” the unbeliever.
              Fight (kill) Christians because they believe Jesus is Messiah.
              Believes it has the right to impose beliefs on those who do not want it. What is the difference between Hizb (Islam) and Marxism? Communism? Socialism? None!
              Kills babies because the parent committed adultery.
              Kills women who are raped because they did not have four male witnesses.
              I could go on but I have better things to do. Clearly, Paul who are a Progressive. The argument you put forth is not only disingenuous but plainly stupid! There is not a single nation that America has put a gun to their head and said accept our way of life. This is the fantasy of a liberal. In fact, if you would read real history you would find that many of the nations which are our adversaries were put into power by the use of our military. It is not merely about shirk. It is about forcing others to live under Shar’ ia.

              If you are so found of Shar’ ia, Paul, why don’t you go live under it in another country? Give it a dry run in a nation that clearly uses Shar’ ia more than man-made laws. Iran, maybe? Because if Hizb or the Muslim Brotherhood has its way you will live under Shar’ ia here.

              • With respect I seriously doubt you have studied Islam at all anywhere. Your words about Islam resemble the Nazi caricatures of Judaism in the 1930’s: full of prejudice, bile and viciously nasty.

                A man who has no respect for Islam is just like a Nazi who has no respect for his fantasy he calls ‘Judaism’. I put you in the same category.

                “There is not a single nation that America has put a gun to their head and said accept our way of life. ”

                Lol! Come out of your cave and switch on the tv set! Which planet are you on?

                • Bo Perrin says:

                  Well, Paul, again you think you how outed me. Again, you think of yourself too highly. With respect? Right! How do you know I have not studied Islam. We just meet today. So, are you psychic as well as Progressive? You must give up the lame Progressive arguments Paul. A Nazi? How do you know? Do you seriously realize how lame that argument is? How devoid of logic it is? Judaism and Islam are apples and oranges logically. Besides, my arguments do not reflect Judaism because I am a Christian. My remarks reflect what Hizb has taught.

                  What is interesting Paul is that you have failed to answer any question I have asked. Why is that? Is it because you do not know Islam? You do not understand the Meccan and Medinah periods? You do not understand the proper chronology of the Qur’ an? Or to put it simply you just don’t understand?

                  Paul, the very people you are so fond of are the very ones who will either force you to convert, pay the jizya or kill you. Of course it is your choice but it is beyond belief that anyone would respect that. But then again you are a Progressive and Progressives are very stanch to make sure that truth does not ruin their day. Good day!

                • Kurt says:

                  Islam and Nazism actually have a great deal in common. Both are highly intolerant and desire to impose their ideology on the whole world.

                  Islam and the Nazis cooperated in order to destroy the Jews. Hitler admired Islam.

    • You’re wrong, Paul. They advocate that islam take over government and that sharia become the law of the land. That violates the 1st amendment. They advocate that not only in islamist countries but also here in the USA. Not a chance. Chase them out of our country and back to the stone age. You moslem, Paul?

    • Darrell Lynch says:

      Paul, you are a huge fool. They ARE advancing illegal activities, in that the caliphate they speak of, is nothing but world domination, through Islamic dominance. In my book, as in our Constitutrion, That is damned illegal.

  4. Marshall says:

    Paul….how about joining me here in Afghanistan so you can study your precious muslims up close and personal. They have NO place in America….you are a complete moron.

  5. khilafah says:

    hi… i like this (2012 Caliphate Conference The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch) post.. really inspire, as a consideration for choosing, thanks for share 🙂 ^_^’

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