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Four HT supporters and one member arrested in Kabul

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 18:04

On 31st August, 2010, in a campaign launched countrywide to expose the fraudulent elections and democracy in Afghanistan five members of HT have been arrested. On the other hand candidates with diverse thoughts and opinions are allowed to put their pictures, mottoes and distribute brochures, containing thoughts that are contrary to Islam. There are candidates who profess communism and secularism openly, for the puppet regime of Karzai. It’s absolutely not a problem because its “freedom of expression”. But when it comes to Islam and Khilafah, they can’t tolerate even a leaflet or a poster.

There can be no better way for the people to know the hypocrisy of the puppet regime of Karzai as their lofty talk of freedom and democracy are nothing but mere hollow words.

We would like to remind Karzai that the struggle of HT for Khilafah is not new and has reached Afghanistan after severe hardships and sacrifices by the members of HT. Hence, it is utterly impossible to stop our activities by such cowardly acts, as establishing Khilafah is an obligation upon us as Muslims and no power of the world can stop us from fulfilling it. Your counterparts in your neighborhood also failed to curb HT and the idea of Khilafah so you will fail as well that’s for sure.

The desire to curb the ideas of HT shows the fear of Karzai and his masters, as our ideas have taken a strong hold not only amongst the Muslims of Afghanistan but around the world, because of our uncompromising criticism of the corrupt regimes in the Muslim world, and relentless call to replace them with an Islamic Khilafah that will bring security, stability, authority to the people, and accountability and justice – all enshrined in the Shariah.

We say to Mr. Karzai no matter what you do you can never stop our ideas from growing. For us establishing Khilafah is a matter of life and death and we will continue our work in Afghanistan and across the world till we achieve it.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Afghanistan