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This article is posted on and provides Americans with some good insight into the typical taqiyya of groups like Hizb. My responses are in red.

Republican Rep wants Muslims out of Military
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 23:22

First Muslims want to pray in the United States and then they want to defend the country and its First Amendment by fighting our wars? The nerve! One politician from Tennessee has had it up to here and wants Muslims out of the military.

Muslims want to pray in America? Really? Muslims can pray any they want in America so it is not as simple as merely praying. To create a place to pray is to create a mosque and the mosque is the center of Islamic supremacy, imposition of Shar’ ia and ground zero for jihad against the host nation. Every American mosque must follow the example of the Madinah mosque. So, Muslims do not just want to pray.

Defend their country. Isn’t it interesting that the author failed to mention how many Muslims in the military have done just want Rep.  Womick is afraid of? Besides, those who understand Islam know that a Muslim is NOT allowed to be a part of the host nation rather the Muslim’s responsibility to transform the host nation into an Islamic state.

The author’s First amendment argue is truly a joke. Muslims are fighting for our free speech! Really? CAIR is doing everything it can to stomp on our First amendment rights. Everytime a non-Muslim speaks against Islam CAIR is right there to threaten a lawsuit. Islam does not care about free speech but rather shutting up the opposition. Why? Because Islam fails in the market place of ideas and can only accomplish its goal of domination through force. Besides, look at the condition of Europe and Britain. it is unlawful to criticize Islam because we might hurt their feeling. Remember, slander is simply anything a Muslim does not like and as so many have found the person who slanders can be killed. No. No faithful Muslim fights for free speech embedded in the First amendment.  Instead, a Muslim fights to gag the opposition.

In an interview with Think Progress — conducted on Veterans Day — Rick Womick, the Republican representative for Murfreesboro, TN, tells reporters that if it was up to him, Muslims would be banned from serving in the American military.

“Personally I don’t trust one Muslim in our military because they’re commanded to lie to us,” Womick tells the website. “And if they really are a devout Muslim and follow the Koran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me.”

Notice that the Hizb author does not deny what Womick said. He can’t because Womick is correct. The Qur’ an clearly commands Muslims to not take friends from those who are non-Muslims even if they are family. Of course, Muslims love to play word games with the word “friend” or “alliance” depending on the Qur’ anic translation a person uses to make it something it is not. But clearly when Mohammad commanded Muslims to not take a non-Muslim in an alliance it was between individuals. Call it friendship or call it whatever you want but Womick is still correct. 

In addition, Muslims love to throw around the verses in which Mohammad allowed Muslims to befriend non-Muslims but if you look at these verses you find they are either Meccan or they refer only to non-Muslims who are not fighting them. Of course, they are to be kind because this individual is a dhimmi! He is paying the Muslim to be kind just as a store owner would pay the Mafia to be kind to him. Islam is nothing but a mob and the jiyza tax is nothing but a protection payment.

As one could imagine, Womick’s comments quickly created a backlash from not just the Muslim community of Murfreesboro but from mosques across the country. While some politicians might try to such a statement and cover their back, Womick stood his ground. When the Murfreesboro Daily News asked him about his quip, Womick supported his hate speech and attested that the Muslims are in fact America’s enemy,

“We are at war with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who are Muslims. It’s a Catch-22. They are not allowed to kill their fellow Muslims, we’re at war with Muslims,” said Womick.

“The only solution I see is that they not be allowed in the military.”

Good for Womick! He at least is following his principles. But he is also refusing to change his tune because he is right and the Hizb author knows this. This is just giving the Hizb author the opportunity to whin about how poor Muslims are being so persecuted. Nonsense. Islam brought this up on their own. It was Mohammad who attacked Mecca, the Romans, the Persians and the Byzantines not the other way around. It is Muslims who come into a country refusing to integrate but rather demanding the host nation give in to their perverted thecracy. Is Islam our enemy? In a hadith Mohammad stated that he was sent by Allah to kill people until they accepted the pillars of Islam. Enemy? Yes, it is the enemy.

Of course, the Hizb author would like you to believe that Womick’s statement is hate speech. If so, the Qur’ an is filled with hate speech, hate speech against Christians and Jews. But that form of hate speech does not bother the Hizb author. He is only angry that Womick has the guts to stand up and tell America that Islam is not a peaceful religion but a violent and militant theocracy which wants to overthrow our Republic.

When the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked for the state to rebuke Womick for his comments, he fired back that he would ignore such demands.

“He needs to be reminded that there are thousands of Muslims who serve and are serving and there are many of them who gave up their lives to preserve the freedom of this country and the freedom that he is enjoying,” Saleh Sbenaty of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro tells the Tennessean.

Yes, there are thousands of so called Muslims serving in the military and it is has always been Muslims in the military who have attacked the military! Why? Because of Islam! If they are faithful to the Qur’ an, Hadit and Sunna then the Muslim in an American uniform must choose to support the Muslim he is fighting against rather than the US soldier who is not a Muslim.

For the town’s Islamic Center, this isn’t the first time they’ve experienced hatred on this scale. The mosque was profiled in TIME magazine last year after the words “Not Welcome” were spray-painted on a sign advertising the construction of the center. Tea Party members in Tennessee picketed the opening of the center, and Republican Ron Ramsey, Tennessee’s lieutenant governor and at-the-time gubernatorial candidate, told The Colbert Report that “you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, a way of life or cult, whatever you want to call it?”

Yep, and the more Americans who see the truth about Islam will also rise up and say, “Not welcome here” no matter the nationality. So, the message is getting out and people are being to listen. Islam is not peaceful and is bent on destroying everything and everyone who refuses to bow to is ludicrous demands.

Last year, statistics for Murfreesboro estimated an Islamic community of around 250 families in a population of around 100,000. Of the 6 million or so Muslims living in America, around 3,500 of them currently serve in the United States Military.

The actual count of Muslims in America is more like 3 million. Again, taqiyya in action to make it seem that Islam is stronger than it really is.

The Nashville Scene reports that after Governor Bill Haslam was asked for his take on the statements, he told reporters, “I don’t think I would agree with Rick on that.”

The governor was quick to dismiss calls for denouncing the lawmaker and said simply, “I would just say that on that issue I don’t agree with Rick.

Governor Haslam’s statement is irrelevant at the moment for two reasons. First, before he can be used to support Hizb’s position on Womick we need to know how much Haslam knows about true Islam. Second, before he can be used to Hizb’s position we need to know if he has a dhimmi mentality. But what makes the Hizb author foam at the mouth is the Governor had the guts to stand up for the First amendment. It is interesting how this author claimed that Muslims were in the military fighting for to protect the First amendment. Yet, when a non-Muslim speaks out against Islam revealing Islam for what it is then, all of a sudden they begin whining about the use of the First amendment. See, groups like Hizb want the First amendment to be upheld so that they can openly lie about Christianity and democracy without being confronted but when a non-Muslim speaks out they want the courts to ban it as hate speech! Hypocrites.

Well done, Rep. Womick. There are hundreds of thousands of faithful Americans who stand side-by-side with you.