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The Real Meaning of Regime Change

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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 22:02

The heroic actions of the Muslims in Tunisia one month ago sparked the largest demonstrations the Muslim world has seen in recent history, leading to the fall of the corrupt dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Muslims worldwide are celebrating the disgraceful downfall of this loyal US agent and are re-energized by the prospects of a new system emerging in the Middle East; an Islamic Khilafah that reflects the Islamic sentiments of the people.

With Mubarak gone and Libya’s Qaddafi hanging on to the last strings of power, the question arises: who will rule the country? Will it be someone that will hijack the sincere and earnest emotions of the Ummah and apply superficial changes like limited term of office, implementation of “democracy”, and lip-service to a just and accountable government? The Muslims are not content with a change in face. According to the study done at the START Center at the University of Maryland with proves the Muslims demand. To prove the disillusionment with democracy, capitalism, and other broken systems of government, 7 out of 10 Muslims approved of the goal of “a strict application of sharia law in every Islamic country.” Clearly, they demand a just system led by sincere and Islamically mature people who will administer their affairs according to Islam. And they will not allow their emotions to be hijacked by a cosmetic change in government.

The current situation in Egypt highlights another widely held belief by Musilms: that 80% of Muslims surveyed in Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, and Indonesia believe that the goal of the United States is to weaken and divide the Islamic world. How is it that Hosni Mubarak, America’s closest friend in the region, could be abandoned so easily? How is it that after supporting a dictator for 30 years, the American government had a sudden change of heart, acting as if it cares about the aspirations of the Egyptian people? And while the Muslims rejoice at the disgraceful ouster of Hosni Mubarak, they are not deluded into thinking that removing the head of the beast will kill it. Muslims have seen that overthrowing Nawaz Sharif only paved the way for the tyrant Pervez Musharraf to lead Pakistan into disaster. The Muslims have seen that overthrowing the government of Saddam Hussein paved the way for Iyad Allawi and Nouri al-Maliki. Most recently, Muslims have seen that overthrowing Zein al-Abideen Ben Ali paved the way for his henchman Mohammed Ghannouchi to take power.

The people in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere are not calling for a democratic system subservient to the West. They ask for a system of governance where the ruler will be accountable to them, not to America and the western powers. True and sincere regime change means establishing a Khilafah which will:

1) Make the Shariah the source of all laws and legislation and not secular constitutions based on colonial law. This will ensure that the rights of all people, Muslim and non-Muslim are protected.

2) The authority will be in the hands of the Ummah and not in the hands of a powerful elite beholden to Western powers.

3) A unification of the Muslims lands such that colonial and nationalistic borders placed between the Muslims are erased. Islam demands political unity because the Muslims are one nation and are supposed to have one Amir over them.

“Whosoever pledges allegiance to  an Imam giving him the clasp of his hand, and the fruit of his heart shall obey him as long as he can, and if another comes to dispute with him, strike the neck of that man.” [Muslim]

4) A radical change in the economic system including converting to a gold and silver standard, eliminating interest from the economy, using the Ummah’s resources to fund the Bait ul Mal, and radical redistribution of land which will instantly eradicate the feudal system.

The Prophet (s) said: “Whoever gives life to a dead piece of land, it becomes his” and “Whoever puts a fence around a piece of unclaimed land, it becomes his”

5) Mobilizing the Musilms to liberate Chechnya, Palestine, and Kashmir and all of the Muslim lands.

6) A technologically advanced, industrialized nation that not only possesses vast natural resources, but has the technology and expertise to develop them.

The Muslims know that democracy is merely a marketing tool used by the West to force their agenda of free markets and aren’t fooled by the calls for “democracy”. The Muslims have seen the other side of the coin and loudly and openly demand Islam to be implemented upon them by sincere and mature leaders.