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Conveyor belts of hate are rooted in Government policy not mosques or madrasas


The only thing more predictable than the British government’s age old colonial policies in the Muslim world, is their “conveyor belt of hate” theory about terrorism. Rolled out once again by David Cameron in the wake of the Woolwich killing of solider Lee Rigby, the only surprise is that it has taken him this long.

Even staunch supporters of Cameron’s Islamophobic attitude towards the Muslim community must be wondering how they could possibly spin this to the Muslim street. After all anyone would think that towns up and down the UK were churning out terrorists by the dozen. The reality is in fact the opposite, Muslim communities in the UK are making a positive contribution to society.

The very institutions Cameron targeted with this vitriol such as mosques, madarasas and Islamic Charities are for the most part setup, run and funded by the communities in which they reside and are a beacon of morality in a society that according to Cameron himself has lost its “moral compass”.

The task force assigned to come up with the policies of “rooting out extremism” in universities, Islamic institutions and schools will not doubt apply more and more pressure on Muslim community leaders to hand over their institutions to what is in effect state control.

What should be remembered is once the Whitehall spin is removed from David Cameron’s hate speech there is no substance to his claims. The fantastical idea that the actions of two individuals in Woolwich can be attributed to such a wide array and varied set of possible causes simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

None of the two alleged killers were known to be involved in Islamic charities, attended a madarasa or were active Muslims at a university. It is clear that the new policies pushed by the task force will be nothing more than an extension of previous failed attempts to secularise the Muslim community.

Conveyor belts of hate are triggered not by mosques Imams failing to understand Britain or Islamic charities collecting for the disenfranchised in the Muslim world. Acts such as Woolwich are as a direct result of the production line of colonial policies of Britain in the Muslim world, going back hundreds of years. The legacy of doom left in Iraq and Afghanistan and the continued subjugation of the Muslim community in the UK are the real albeit unjustifiable roots for the Woolwich murder.

So David Cameron is wrong to say that the “conveyor belts of hate “ begin in Mosques or Madrasas, he should try and look a little closer to home. The hate speech he speaks so passionately about has its origins in the cabinet rooms and task force meetings of his very own government.

Source: Hizb ut-Tahrir In Britain