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Voting at Danish Polling Stations

September 8th, 2011 | Author: Un:dhimmi
Hizb-ut-Tahrir members openly admit voter intimidation in DenmarkHizb-ut-Tahrir ‘youth members’ openly admit to voter intimidation in Denmark

Still think Islam isn’t trying to undermine Western democracy? (Hat tip to our ever-vigilant Nordic friends at Tundra Tabloids): In several Danish neighborhoods with a large concentration of Muslims ‘enforcers’ from Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the Muslim political organisation that openly seeks a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, guard the polling stations.

The Guards’ ‘task’ is to deter and prevent Muslims who wish to participate in democracy by placing their vote at the ballot box

“We see the guards in fundamentalist-oriented neighborhoods watching polling stations in their residential areas and ensure that people do not go down and vote. These are indirect threats. If there is someone who wants to vote but are seen at the school where they will voice their families may be ostracized”, said Mohammad Rafiq, integration consultant and author.

According to Rafiq, guards from Hitzb ut-Tahrir youth group, but there are also internal religious groups in areas including Blågårds Square, Mjølnerparken, Frederiksberg, Ishøj and Brondby, that also have guards.

And the price for a democratic voice can be high for a Muslim.

– The consequence may be that your family will not be allowed to be buried in Muslim mosques. Another may be that they will have difficulty getting their daughters married. The cases can be very complicated, said integration expert.

30,000 ‘not voting’
And Muslims are away from the voting premises. It shows the experience of previous elections.

– We can see how extensive the problem is by looking at the number of Muslims who do not vote according to the proportion who can vote. I would estimate that we’re talking about 30,000 who have no interest in voting. Who do not want to be part of the election, says Mohammad Rafiq.

The fundamentalist Muslims do not believe that democracy can be reconciled with their religion. And right now working hard to keep people away from voting premises.

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with two Salifists, who is currently touting a pamphlet on Nørrebro. The message is clear.

– “We say they should not vote. That democracy is a manmade religion”, says Adnan Avdic. Neither is in any guard, but they share the anti-democratic attitude.

Among the thousands of Muslims who do not get a choice, you will find, according to Mohammad Rafiq, especially women who are also prevented from voting by their husbands.

– They do not want that women should interfere in the democratic process and thus gain knowledge, among other things, the rights they have and the difference they can make in the Danish society.

We do accept that there are Muslims who wish to participate in democratic process. They are seen as un-Islamic by their ‘more observant’ brothers and sisters and often persecuted, threatened, or cast out from their communities, as seen here.

But the unvarnished truth is that Islam despises participatory democracy. Hizb-ut Tahrir, an organisation banned in many countries in the world (even Muslim ones), but is highly active in the Western European ‘Dhimmisphere’, including here in the UK, has but one objective – Khilafa – the creation of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

So, If Islam believes itself to be fundamentally incompatible with pluralistic democracy and we Islam-critical think the same, it would appear that the only ones left who don’t (assuming also a sizeable chunk of ‘don’t-know-don’t-cares’), are the political élites; who are foisting Islam upon us every day, unwanted, unasked and unmandated.