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Does Hizb ut-Tahrir Consider the USA “Occupied Islamic Land”?

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The notorious yet theologically-mainstream organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, translated as “The Party of Liberation” (meaning the replacement of Tawagheet with Shari’ah and its corollary, the unification of the entire world under the theocracy of the Khilaafah), has apparently insinuated that the USA constitutes Islamic land occupied by the kuffaar and is therefore dar al-kufr taari, in dire need of re-conquest and re-Islamization. Anyone with even the most basic grasp of early American history knows that to conflate the American payment of “tribute” protection money to the Barbary States in order to prevent ghazawat against the American merchant marine in the Mediterranean by corsair-mujahedeen with a supposed American acknowledgment of izhaar al-deen is far removed from objective reality; this “tribute”, while it was construed as Jizyah by the ghaneemat-dependent North African nominal-vassals of the Osmanoğlu Dynasty (as, with its payment to the satisfaction of the ghuzat, their hands would then be restrained from further engagement in jihad al-talab wa’l-ibtida’i), could not possibly be considered so from an American perspective, as while the USA was beholden to pay mafia-like protection money to these piracy-sponsoring Maghrebian states until the victories in Tripoli and Algiers in order to preserve its economic interests, it nevertheless retained full sovereignty over its own affairs and did not recognize even the slightest degree of Barbary suzerainty; in a word, there was the Articles of Confederation and later the US Constitution, there was no Shari’ah, and the United States was, and remains, dar al-kufr asslie, land which was never dar al-Islam and therefore must be a recipient of the da’wah before it is invaded by and annexed to the Khilaafah. It bears reiterating that this view of full American independence, Barbary tribute notwithstanding, is certainly not shared by the Muwahiddeen, in their fardh al-’ayn quest to return all lands once in the grasp of the Khilaafah back to the sultaan of the Shari’ah

We remind the Pope of Islam and it greatness in early period of Islam and what followed. We remind him of…the governor of Algeria and the payment of the jizyah by America to the Islamic State in 1795 CE.

Likewise, a similar document states…

Even in its weakest period, it was the Khilafah that compelled America to pay Jizya in an agreement signed on 21st of Safar, 1210 A.H i.e. 5th June, 1795 C.E., according to which it was required to pay 642,000 gold dollars and an annual payment of 12,000 Othmani gold Lira to the Khilafah State- the only agreement which America has ever signed in a language other than its own.


May we also remember the occasion which forced America to pay Jizya to the Khilafah State…America signed an agreement on 21st of Safar, 1210 A.H i.e. 5th June, 1795 C.E with the Khilafah State according to which it was required to pay 642,000 gold dollars and an annual payment of 12,000 Othmani gold Lira to the Khilafah State. Throughout its history, this is the only agreement which America signed in a language other than its own. This signifies the great prestige and position of strength that the Muslims enjoyed under the Khilafah State.

In using the term Jizyah to refer to this historical relationship, Hizb ut-Tahrir cannot solely mean the transfer of  tribute alongside the retention of the tributary’s sovereignty over its own affairs; in another text, in accordance with the fiqh of the four mainstream Sunni madhahebMaliki, Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi’iHizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated polemicist Zahid-Ivan Salam confirms that in order for Jizyah to be legally taken from the kuffaar, in fulfillment of the dictates of the Qur’an and Sunnah, Islam must be established in their territory and the comprehensive political system of the Shari’ah must be enforced by, to quote Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, “The Shadow of God on Earth”, over the kuffaar, “though [they] may detest it” [9:33; 61:09]…

If they did not accept that (i.e. became Muslim), then they would be invited to accept payment of the Jizyah (the tax levied upon non-Muslim citizens of the Islamic State), which would signify that their lands would become part of the Islamic State and the Shar’iah would be applied upon them in their societal affairs and they would enjoy along with the Muslim citizens the Islamic way of life.

If they did not accept that (i.e. to live under the Islamic authority), then their land is to become part of the Islamic State by removing any physical obstacle that prevented the implementation of Islam upon them…

Jizyah is given to a ruling authority over them and it is (effectively) collected by their state and only the state. This ruling authority are the Muslims and the Islamic State. In fact the definition of ahl-ul-dhimma is “Non-Muslims who are citizens of the Islamic State and are under its rule and authority.”

So, there can be no contradiction or confusion here; Hizb ut-Tahrir appears convinced, however wrongly, that America is Islamic land usurped by kuffaar (dar al-ghasab), which renders it a chief priority for the Muslimeen — in other words, not a fardh al-kifaya, but a fardh al-’ayn — to be returned to the Haakimiyyah of Allah and the Khilaafah of the Muslimeen

Here’s a brief introduction to the reality of the Barbary Wars, broadcast when PBS was not nearly as Islamophilic as it is today…(See Vid at web address below, BIP).