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VIDEOS & PHOTOS: PROTEST – Stand up against oppression in Syria

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:19

Chicago, IL – People from across the Chicago land area attended a rally to stand up against ‘Bashar the Butcher’. Rally participants articulated that they stand in solidarity with the Syrian people and will not let their voices go unheard. They also called upon the sincere elements within the Syrian army to become the ‘Ansar’, remove the Syrian regime and help re-establish the Khilafah in Syria. The protest emphasized the following resolutions:

For the people in Syria:

  • We the Muslims in the US stand with you. Your blood is our blood. Your Struggle is Our struggle.
  • Do not support UN or NATO intervention in Syria.
  • Resist sectarian conflict.
  • Call for the removal of the whole Syrian regime not simply the Assad family.
  • Call for Islam, Call for Khilafah.

As for the Muslims in US we must ensure that we do the following:

  • Act as the voice of Muslims in the region. We support the Muslims that are calling for Islamic rule and removal of oppression. Don’t let their voice go unheard.
  • We support, encourage and call upon the sincere officers and soldiers that are defecting from the Syrian army to become the noble Ansar (supporters) of Allah (swt).
  • Muslims in US must stand with the people of Syria, as an act of solidarity and brotherhood to help them to re-establish the Khilafah in Syria.

Part 1: O Syria! Your struggle is our struggle.

Part 2: A message from your sister

Part 3: Be the helpers of Allah (swt)

Part 4: Closing

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